Currently reading The origins of political order by Francis Fukuyama. Decent stuff.

The intended purpose of this page is to catalogue books I've read and content I'm generally a big fan of. Very much "Work in Progress". I don't have a CMS yet, so updating this is lowkey pain.









I've also read a lot of books that I've found good and not listed. Mostly east asian fantasy light novels and manga. Machine or manually translated and usually horribly written with repetitive storylines but we all have our vices.







I've tried to mix up the content a bit for some perspective. Hope it's worked?









The 2018 period was when I made a conscious decision to up my knowledge game and become an active reader. I read a lot of books that year.

















Then there’s a ton of YA novels I've read before that. A few mentions would be the Harry Potter Series, Game of Thrones, Eragon Trilogy, Ender Series (Especially good) and various other novels I've read and forgotten about before the age of 18.